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We aim to meet customer needs and provide innovative products and services with customers over the world. Relying on outstanding strengths in four major product areas, which are wired products, wireless products, business products, and terminal products, Maxdragon has become one of the most important equipment providers in China's telecommunications market. Our customers include Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University, Polytechnic University, University of Science and Technology, TVB Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Hong Kong International Airport, Guangzhou Conghua Airport, Hong Kong Railway and many other famous Hong Kong enterprises.


Model: Rugged Air 

As its predecessor (WLg-ABOARD) with which it is compatible, RuggedAir100 is an "all-in-one" multifunction product (access point, client, repeater, router & Mesh point) designed for industrial applications in harsh environment (IP66 waterproof, shocks and vibrations proof, extended temperature range, M12 connectors...). It can be used either on the ground to create indoor or outdoor WiFi coverages, or on board to connect all types of mobile equipment or vehicles (trams, construction/ agricultural machines, trucks, automated cranes, harbor cranes...) to the ground network.


Model: AirLink

AirLink is a WiFi device designed for industrial, building & factory automation and mobile applications:Compact and practical: a small footprint, wall or DIN rail mounting options and a wide range of power supply make it extremely easy to integrate into electrical cabinets or in tight spaces and thus ideal for machine manufacturers, OEM. Firstly, mobility: with fast roaming performances (< 30 ms) and high resilience to shocks/vibrations, it fits perfectly in AGVs, vehicles (buses). Secondly, reinforcement of the coverage: it has 2 antennas to work in diversity or in MIMO and thus reinforcing the WiFi coverage and the reliability of your indoor radio communications (IIoT, MtoM, remote access & display...). AirLink is an all-in-one multifunction product: access point, client, repeater, router & Mesh. It supports any type of Ethernet protocol such as Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP, Safe Ethernet, PROFINET. Compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi standards (2.4 & 5 GHz), it offers up to 300 Mbps radio data rate.


Model: AirBox

Available in dual WiFi radio version (11n + 11ac), AirBox fits directly into the era of Industry 4.0 by offering dual band (2.4 / 5GHz) connectivity to objects (IIoT, PLCs, tablets ...) and strengthening the communication between machines (M2M). AirBox supports up to 80 clients connected simultaneously (@ 2Mbps) in AP mode and can be integrated in electrical cabinets as in tight spaces (antenna fitted externally).The single radio model (WiFi 11n) can be used in client mode to remotely connect any Ethernet equipment or PLCs as well as mobile devices (trolleys, AGVs) to the factory wireless infrastructure.



Model: AirXroad

AirXroad is a compact rugged enclosure equipment, ideally designed for applications in road transportation, depots, warehouses, agriculture, manufacturing floors, docks, distribution centers, shipyards and lumberyards… it can be mounted in trucks, city buses, forklifts, trailers, tractors or cranes or in any rotating machinery, for material handling, real-time information transmission, and inventory management.The device relies on the multi-streams MIMO technology that contributes to an expanded coverage, higher data throughput and increased radio link reliability.


Model: PMXNOW0300

PMXNOW0300 is a single slot backplane compatible module that allows the M340/M580 processors to interface easily with the WiFi wireless network in order to communicate with devices located remotely. It can be used either as access point to create the wireless network infrastructure, bridge to connect network equipments or even as repeater to extend the wireless network coverage. The module offers point to point or point to multipoint communication schemes and supports all Ethernet based protocols including MODBUS/TCP & Ethernet/IP. Thanks to its built-in WEB interface, the setup of the module is easily achieved using any web browser, module also offers SNMP and NDM (Network Device Manager) configuration and administration.


Model: Indoor WiFi Bridge

ACKSYS offers a secure wireless solution that is quick and easy to install, allowing you to create a wireless bridge between two independent Ethernet networks, two separate devices (PC, camera, printer, etc.) or two buildings by simply programming two Airlink_V2 standard units.

Brand: EDMI

Model: Mk10D

Single Phase Smart Meter with Two-Element Feature

ATLAS-Class 1 and Class 2

Built on the advanced Atlas Metering platform, the Mk10D adds three 100A UC3 compliant relays into the meter which allows for disconnection and reconnection of electrical services remotely.

Brand: EDMI

Model: Mk10H

Three Phase Smart DIN Rail Meter

ATLAS-Class 1

Mk10H is EDMI’s first poly phase DIN Rail meter that is designed for sub-metering users. It comes with many advanced functionalities including AMI capabilities, high data storage, data processing and versatile communications capabilities with a class 1 accuracy measurement engine.

Brand: EDMI

Model: ES-10B

Residential Single Phase SMETS2 Electricity Meter

Designed for the residential smart meter rollout in Great Britain, thise 4 terminal single phase electricity meter is the second generation version within our SMETS2 compliant solution. Taking learnings from the first generation meter, the ES-10B is a morerefined SMETS2 compliant electricity meter with 100A main disconnect relay, dedicaed secure microcontroller and with multiple interfaces including Zigbee and DLMS.