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about Maxdragon

    Maxdragon is an importer/exporter of electronic products, such as IC, RF Micro-wave and semi-electronic products. The sales team has experience in electronic field especially in China market. Considering our customers base and promotion strategies, OEM companies are the main target customers of Maxdragon. For the past few years, we focus mainly on the Southern China market.

    Maxdragon (Hong Kong) Limited acts as a guide of China market by providing agent services to foreign companies. We work as an agent for many famous European brands in the electronic field. They are ACKSYS Communications & Systems, AMCOM Communications, Inc ,Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.

    Maxdragon enjoys good business networks in China. Besides Hong Kong, we have a branch office in Guangzhou China which responsible for serving and monitoring our market in North China such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing Wuhan, Xiamen and Beijing.